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SIMBA Vegetables: We supply fresh vegetables to your demand

Simba Vegetables BV is founded by Robert Sijm and Maurice Ott and we are specialised in the purchase and sales of fresh vegetables from Holland. Many of the products we export, we cultivate ourselves. But we also sell fresh vegetables of other growers. Due to our combined knowledge and experience, we are your partner for vegetables. Simba stands for:

Smart              : combined our knowledge and experience of two entrepreneurs
Innovative     : sharing ideas with our clients and look for the best solution.
Modern          : we use new technology (cloud, VoIP, green commerce).
Best                 : we only offer the very best quality; due to a short supply chain we know what we supply.
Agriculture    : we sell agricultural produce; potatoes, onions and other fresh vegetables.


Robert Sijm is managing director of the family business Sijm Agro since 1998. Maurice Ott has over 10 years of experience in the purchase and sales of vegetables at several big agricultural companies and traders in potatoes, onions and vegetables. Simba Vegetables is the marketing and sales component of Sijm Agro bv, which grows, sorts ands pack about 100 hectares of seed potatoes, table potatoes, onions, carrots and cabbages. 

A young lion on the world market!