In the area where Simba Vegetables is located, about an hour drive from Amsterdam, a lot of cabbage is grown. We work directly with the growers, this keeps the supply chain short and makes it possible for us to guarantee fresh produce.

Simba Vegetables can supply different types of cabbage for instance; white, red, savoy and pointed cabbage. But also other types are possible, please look here if you are interested in Cauliflower and Broccoli.

We can supply cabbage year round. In the begin of the season, we can deliver straight from the field and later in the season we deliver from storage.  The harvest period of the varieties differs, please ask for availability.

We can pack to your demand, we can supply different sizes and packaging. For example; packed in bags, blank bags or bags with a brand. But also different types and sizes of carton are possible.

Would you like to know more what varieties we have available? Please contact us.