Washed Carrots


We export fresh carrots for the market or industry.

In Holland, farmers grow besides potatoes and onions also carrots. Many different varieties are available; regular, rainbow and baby carrots. Harvest starts from about July and many are stored in cold-stores for a long period. We can supply carrots year round to your demand, for instance washed and packed for retail, or bulk in big bags.



We can offer to your demand, for instance;

As with many of the other products, there are many possibilities for packaging. For instance net bags, plastic bags with different prints, we can pack to your demand.

We make sure we export only the best quality, therefore we carefully select our suppliers. We do not pack until your order has been received, so you can be assured of fresh product and receiving the best quality. Please contact us for more information. We offer many more products, please have a look here.