We export Dutch Onions 

Simba onions

In the Netherlands a lot of onions are cultivated and exported, in 2017 . We set high quality standards for the onions that we grow, process and export. We regularly communicate with our growers, so that we can jointly and consciously make the right cultivation choices.

Simba Vegetables can deliver year round and in various size grade and we can also supply red onions and shallots. Further we can deliver in every desired packaging from:  0.5 kg up to 1000 kg and bulk on a truck. For the net bags, poly mesh, are several possibilities, for instance blank bags or brand bags. For brand bags there are several possibilities in colours and brand, we can pack in our own Simba brand, a neutral brand or your own brand is also possible.


You can be assured of receiving good quality;

We can also supply potatoes and many other products.